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Ph.D. mentorship program

Mentoring has a direct impact on how well we do in our projects and how soon we can earn our degrees. As fellow research students, we help one another whenever we can. Among ourselves, we have an unofficial support system. The MIAE Ph.D. Mentorship program looks to make this support system official by providing first year PhD students with a list of high achieving senior Ph.D. candidates from which they can choose a mentor to guide them through the initial workload of the program.

Program goals & benefits

  • A chance to take advantage of the know-how, experience and knowledge of a graduate student  who is able to relate to your experiences and challenges.

  • A pleasant and relaxed way to develop skills that go beyond your academic background.

  • An opportunity to fast track your knowledge of the state-of-the-art in your research topic.

Mentors may:

  • Provide tips on academic success

  • Share advice on work/life balance

  • Share their personal insights

  • Recommend literature on your topic

Mentors will not:

  • Assist you with assignments

  • Intervene on your behalf in your exam process

Finding a mentor

Step 0

See  our presentation

Step 1

Review the list of mentors

Step 2:

To request a mentor, please send us an email at 

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