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Graduate Seminar Event 2016-2017 

The MIE Graduate Student Committee hosted a series of research seminars mostly in various fields of Mechanical and Industrial engineering as well as a career development workshop. 

MIAE Graduate Seminar 1:

 "Importance of Managerial Accounting for a Successful Lean Transformation:

A Practical Study at a Large Aerospace OEM"

  Mr. Ismail Mokabel from Pratt & Whitney Canada

MIAE Graduate Seminar 2:

"Building an Outstanding Application for PhD and Post-Doctoral Scholarships & Fellowships"

DR. LYES KADEM from Concordia University

MIAE Graduate Seminar 3:

"Nonlinear Vibrations of Shells in Traditional, Soft and Advanced Materials: Modelling and Experiments "

Prof. Marco Amabili from McGill University

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MIAE Graduate Seminar 4:

"Application of Recent Lagrangian Tools for a Deeper Understanding of Unsteady Flows"

Dr. JÉRÔME VÉTEL from Polytechnique Montreal

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MIAE Graduate Seminar 5:

"Managing Patient Admissions in a Neurology Ward"

DR. Beste Kucuyazici from McGill Montréal              

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MIAE Graduate Seminar 6:

"A Journey at the Nanoscale with Atoms, Electrons and Photons"

DR. Jesse Greener from University Laval

MIAE Graduate Seminar 7:

"Agent-based simulation of sociotechnical systems: method, limits and challenges"

Prof. Jean-Marc Frayret from Polytechnique Montreal

MIAE Graduate Seminar 8:

"Additive manufacturing: key elements of the 4th industrial revolution"

DR. Marie D'Iorio, President of NanoCanada

ENCS Distinguished Seminar:

"Microtechnologies for Modelling & Monitoring Biomechanical Cell & Tissue system"

Professor Craig Simmons from University of Toronto.

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